We are dedicated to the promotion and growth of ranch horse events in Australia.

Ranch horses have a heritage of performance using their skills in working cattle and being versatile horses on the ranch. Those skills are now shown in the arena through classes of Reined Cow Horse, Reining, Boxing, Cutting, Roping, Trail and Riding. A ranch horse is typically a western bred horse with the breeding and heritage going back to the great ranches of the USA. They are similar skills to what ranches or farms have used across the world since cattle management began.

These are horses are shown both in and outside of arenas to demonstrate their tremendous skills. They are a forward working horse with a natural head set and flow to their movement. Their presentation is natural with no artificial or excessively long manes and tails as often seen in other show horse classes. A ranch horse must at all times look ready to go and do a days work. It must move in such a way that it is heading out to get a number of jobs done that day. It must not look like a Sunday riding horse taking the lady of the house to church. The horse must look like a strong individual carrying the heritage look.

As these heritage classes have become major world shows and versatility events across the USA, the classes are now being taken up in Europe and Australia.

Since commencement in early 2018, we have gone from zero to 101 horses competing in just 3 shows.

This is the fastest growing sport in Australia.

Adele Crane – Director of Australian Ranch Horse

Riding reined cow horse and cutting horses in the early 1980’s, I was hooked. Travelling to the USA had the privilege to visit some of the great ranches and ride sons and daughters of Zan Par Bar, Sugar Bars, Taris Catalyst, Sun Frost, to name a few. I imported a purpose bred reined cow horse stallion in the mid 2000’s, Mister Jay Merdoc* with the great bloodlines of Colonel Freckles, Docs Dynamo and Bueno Chex. His mare sire was renowned as one of the greats of reined cow horse in America.

In Australia, showing in reining, cow horse, cutting for many years I have had the good fortune to breed/own and show many great performance horses and champions including Fancy Oak, Mister Jay Merdoc, Clips Doc, Sonora Miss Clip. Today I show in ranch riding and boxing classes and hope to increase the participation in the reined cow horse events once again in Australia. My involvement continues with the purchase of a Smokes Mr Nic (USA) mare carrying first three generations of the greatest working cow horse mares in USA history, being Macs Sujo, Smokes Bell, all Supreme Reined Cow Horses.

With an successful international business for over 30 years operating in 5 countries, I am now semi-retired with the time to devote to promoting ranch horses and in particular cow horses in Australia.

Show Management Team

With the exponential growth of ranch horse, we are now seeking a Show Management Team to assist in the delivery of the two premier events.