Australian Ranch Horse is a National Body who promotes and values a truly versatile ranch type horse.

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Ranch Trail Class

A course with a minimum of six obstacles and is designed to show a horse’s ability and willingness to perform several tasks that might be asked of him during the course of a normal day’s ranch work.

Entry level Class

Ranch Riding Class

the horse is shown individually in pattern work and is judged on the precision of the pattern maneuvers and the horse’s movements and move like “we have a lot to do today”.

Entry Level Class

Ranch Reining Class

The ranch reining class measures the ability of the ranch horse to perform basic handling manoeuvers with a natural head carriage in a forward looking manner.

Intermediate Class

Ranch Boxing Class

Requires completion of a reining pattern then working a single cow at the top of the arena. This is a step up class to Working Cow Horse and Working Ranch Horse

Intermediate Class

Ranch Roping Class

to show the ability of the horse and rider skill of handling cattle as if they were doctoring injured or sick cattle. Cattle should be handled as calmly as possible so as not to disturb the herd.

Intermediate Level Class

Working Cow Horse

A highly skilled advanced class for both horse and rider. They are required to complete three phases - cutting a cow from the herd, a reining pattern and taking a cow down the fence.

Advanced Class