Ranch Team Roping is an advanced class

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Ranch Team Roping Classes

Preserving the skills of the Vaquero

The roping styles of the Vaquero are masterful and demonstrate great talent with the different styles. They are fancy to watch and practical in how they are applied. These are exciting classes to both compete in and watch


  1. The open class will consist of a team of 3 ropers with 3 rounds. A numbered cow will be nominated to be headed, heeled, laid down & ropes strung on front & hind feet. Each team member must at least head or heel in one of the rounds.
  2. After a miss, another team member must rope before that person may attempt again.
  3. If there are a high number of team entries, only the top 10 teams will be taken through to the final round. If you are entering in the open class, you must be experienced in roping cattle solid.
  4. Excessive chocking, dragging etc. won’t be tolerated and your team may be disqualified from all rounds at the judge’s discretion.
  5. You can enter in up to 3 teams, 1 picked team & 2 drawn teams. Drawn teams will be drawn on morning of event.
  6. You have a time limit of 5 minutes total. Cow must be headed within the first 3 minutes.

AMATEUR CLASS- BREAKAWAY HEADING & HEELING (Youth, freshman, novice amateur and amateur.)

  1. You can enter as an individual. You can either chose two open/pro ropers to assist you, or two open/pro ropers will be provided to form your team.
  2. A numbered cow will be nominated to be headed and heeled.
  3. You will rope with a breakaway hondo.
  4. The amateur class will consist of 2 rounds and a final. The top 10 will go to the final. You must head in one round, and heel in the other (any order). In the final you round you will head.
  5. At the start of each round, you must nominate that it is either your heading or heeling round.
  6. When heading, your two pro’s are there to assist holding the rodear, and helping you set up a shot. You have 3 minutes total to get your cow headed.
  7. When heeling, a pro will head a cow and hold it for you while you take your heel shot. As soon as the cow is headed, a timer will start & you have 2 minutes to get your cow heeled.
  8. You can enter only once and only in one category (youth, freshman, novice amateur or amateur)

Traditional Western Attire and saddles are required in these classes.

Check out this ranch team roping

This weekend, 105 teams roped at the third-annual Buck Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping in Santa Ynez, California. Congratulations to the winning team of Brett Heggie, Sterling Grosskopf and Dwight Hill (shown in this video).

Posted by Western Horseman on Sunday, October 25, 2015