Ranch Roping is an intermediate class

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Ranch Roping

A great class for skilled rope handlers with cattle handling skills.

It’s the style of roping that they do on ranches, doctoring cattle, doctoring baby calves. You might have huge pastures and no place to pen the cattle if you had to give something a shot, that was sick.  By having the skills to catch something on the end of a rope with your horse you can be a steward of your cattle. It’s the traditional method of handling livestock and it goes back to the more traditional methods used by cowboys on the ranch. Trying to do a job and take care of the livestock and the cattle and handle them as quietly as possible.  It’s a way for people to compete and show their skills in stockmanship, more so than just a timed event.

Ranch roping represents sort of a recreation of what actually happens on a ranch when you’re working stock.  You want to operate very slowly and carefully to protect the stock.  It’s a classic example of slow being fast.

This is a judged event with a 3 minute time limit. The rope must be thrown and the contestant may throw only two loops. Any attempt by exhibitor to trap, snare, or collar cow by holding onto the loop will be cause for disqualification. A second rope may be used, but the total number of loops thrown may not exceed two (2). If a second loop is used it must be recoiled. The Honda on the rope used must be of a factory plastic breakaway design.

Horse and rider must start from behind a starting line which will be located 1/3 of the arena length away from where ten (10) calves are held as a herd with each bearing a number 0 – 9. A random draw will be used to select the calf to be roped, which will be announced to the contestant when the horse crosses the starting line.

Each contestant may have the option of a herd holder. The herd holder may not cross the starting line. The sole duty of the herd holder is to assist in holding the cattle at the working end of the arena, any assistance from the helper will result in disqualification of the contestant.

The contestant must make a legal catch of the designated calf and dally up. A legal head catch is a loop that goes completely over the calf’s head and Honda can be broken by any part of the calf’s body, but must go over the calf’s head first. When the calf breaks free from Honda, the Flag Judge will signal the end of the run.

After catching, it is desired for the horse to remain facing the cow until the Honda breaks. Turning away from the cow to make the Honda break quicker will receive a 5 point penalty.

NOTE: ARH is open to all breeds and saddles can be western or half breed.

Check out how this ranch roping is run.