Ranch Reining is an intermediate level class

Ranch Reining is a step-up class for Ranch Boxing and Working Cow Horse  Classes

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Ranch Reining

The ranch reining class measures the ability of the ranch horse to perform basic handling manoeuvers with a natural head carriage in a forward looking manner. Contestant should not be penalised for reining their horse through the pattern in a reasonable manner.

  • Stops should be hard and deep as if needed to stop and go in the other direction. Stop should be square and done without resistance.
  • Turn arounds should be those of a working horse, they should be correct and job efficient.

Patterns may be chosen from any of the ranch reining patterns or approved by the show management and judge.

To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be wilfully guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely.

The horse/rider team’s overall performance should be credited for smoothness, finesse, attitude, quickness and authority of performing various maneouvers while using controlled speed which raises the degree of difficulty and makes the horse/rider team more exciting a pleasing to watch.

The ranch reining class requires horses to complete the following maneouvres:

  • Large fast circles
  • Small slow circles
  • Run down, stop and roll back
  • Spins left and to the right – number varies according to the pattern
  • Back-up

The horse should at all times work like a horse managing stock in yards. Horses are penalised for long sliding stops and spinning with their head low.

Reining patterns for Ranch Reining differ from NRHA & AQHA patterns. Please refer to the ARH Rule Book.

NOTE: ARH is open to all breeds and saddles can be western or half breed.