Ranch Cutting is an intermediate class

Ranch Cutting is a working horse class. There is also an official cutting class.

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Ranch Cutting

A great class for horses with cow and ability, but not fully trained cutters.

This class is judged on the ability of the horse to work a cow by separating it from the herd, driving it to the middle of the arena, holding it to demonstrate the horse’s ability to work the cow and finally to pen the cow.

A single numbered cow is cut from the herd and the horse must demonstrate its ability to work the cow. When satisfied that the horse has proven its cutting ability, the horse and rider must then pen the cow at the far end of the arena.

Exhibitors will not be penalised for reining during cutting portion but should respond softly to rider’s cues, showing wiliness to accept exhibitor’s directions as well as to display horse’s natural cow ability in controlling and driving the cow. A horse that can perform all task of this class on a loose rein with minimal help from its rider shall be credited accordingly

(1) Cattle to be located at one end of the arena. A pen with wing will be located on the side fence near the far end of the arena. The wing will stretch to the inside of the arena. A marker will be placed in the arena with a variable distance of 20 to 40 feet from the side of the arena and corner of the pen.

(2) There is a two and one half minute time limit. A whistle will be blown at the one minute point in the run. Time will begin when a rider crosses a time line just prior to entering the herd. There is a one-minute time allocation to work the cow before driving the cow up the arena and penning it.

(3) When satisfied that the horse has proven its cutting ability, the two herd holders will move out of position to the sides of the arena and allow the contestant to drive the cow by them at the direction of the exhibitor. Turn back riders cannot assist exhibitor to pen cattle, however they can prevent herd from scattering and can hold the herd if cow returns to herd.

(4) Credit will be given to those horses who demonstrate excellence in their herd work, driving and setting up the cow to cut, working in the center of the arena, degree of difficulty of the cow drawn, and their ability to drive and pen the cow within the 2 1/2 minutes. Horses will not be penalised for reining during the cutting portion, but should display natural ability.

Note: ARH also has official cutting classes similar to NCHA.

NOTE: ARH is open to all breeds and saddles can be western or half breed.

Check out this great run showing how the ranch cutting class is run. This run scored a 75 with great penning work.