There are several Categories of Conformation for showing. With the event attracting many over 4yo horses we recommend the special category:

CATEGORY D – Combined Gender/Ages

5 & Under and 6 & Over/per Gender

Classes can be divided into Quarter Horse and All Breeds.

  1. A) NO YOUTH are permitted to show and/or handle any stallions on the show grounds at any ARH event.
  2. B) No Weanling classes are to be offered in Approved ARH Shows

Ranch Conformation

The purpose of this class is to preserve the Ranch Horse type by selecting well-mannered individuals in the order of their resemblance to the breed ideal and that are the most positive combination of balance, structural correctness, and movement with the appropriate breed and sex characteristics and adequate muscling.

Horses must be presented well-groomed, no hair trimmed from their ears or muzzle. Bridle path trimming should be avoided. Tails should be natural.

False tails, mane and/or forelock inserts, hoof black, hoof spray and/or face make-up is not permitted.

Horses are to be shown in a good working halter: rope, braided, nylon or plain leather.  Horses will walk to the judge one at a time. As the horse approaches, the judge will step to the right to enable the horse to trot straight to a cone placed 12-15 metres away.  At the cone, the horse will continue trotting, turn to the left, and trot toward the wall or fence of the arena.  After trotting the horses will be lined up head to tail for individual inspection by the judge.

Horses should stand square with a natural neck-headset. Exhibitors should stay on the opposite side from the judge, to keep the horse exposed to the judge. Stay alert to where the judge is at all times, and move no more than twice while the judge is inspecting your horse. You won’t be distracting to the judge or to the horse, and your horse will stand more quietly and more alertly.

The judge shall inspect the horse from both sides, front, and rear and place the horses in order of preference.

Exhibitors must present themselves wearing a long sleeve shirt with a collar, jeans, western boots or a similar working boot, western hat, belt and buckle. You can wear a scarf or the traditional wild rag around your neck.

Below is a short video that demonstrates how the class is run and how to line up your horses for the judge.