Ranch Boxing is an intermediate class

Ranch Boxing is a step-up class for Working Cow Horse and Working Ranch Horse classes

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Ranch Boxing

The Ranch Boxing class has been designed to demonstrate and measure a horse’s ability to do cow work. After completing the reining pattern the rider will call for a cow. Upon receiving a cow in the arena, the contestant shall hold that cow on the prescribed end of the arena for one minute to demonstrate the ability of the horse to control a cow at that end.

In Limited Ranch Boxing, you are not required to complete a reining pattern, you will only be working a cow.

What this means: The arena is set up just as any other, a large rectangle. The cattle will be kept on the end, on one of the short walls. When you nod your head to call for your cow after the rein work, the cow will be released into the arena through a gate on this short wall. Time starts when the gate closes. Your job is to keep that cow contained along that short wall, mirroring the cow’s moves. You do not have to be a set distance from the cow. The closer you are, the faster it will move. This may up your degree of difficulty, but may also result in the loss of the cow from the end of the arena. If the cow gets away from that short wall and either goes past you, or down the fence (long wall of the arena), it is a penalty. If this happens, quietly go get your cow and drive it back down to the short wall where you started. Faster is not always better and chasing the cow will result in a penalty for being out of control. You are better off swinging out wide, quietly loping down and driving the cow back.

NOTE: ARH is open to all breeds and saddles can be western or half breed.

This is a great video showing the cow work of the Ranch Boxing Class