Interested in Becoming an Approved ARH Judge?

Australian Ranch Horse is looking for people to become approved judges for our events. All events operate under ARH rules that align with the standards of the American Ranch Horse Association. Please refer to our Rule Book.

Judging categories are:

(A) Dry Work Judge – classes include: Conformation, Showmanship, Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Horsemanship, Ranchmanship, Ranch Reining, Ranch Rail.

(B) Cattle Judge – classes include: Ranch Cutting, Cutting, Ranch Boxing/Limited Ranch Boxing, Working Cow Horse, Working Ranch Horse, Ranch Roping, Breakaway Roping, Steer Stopping, Cow Catching, Team Roping – Heading/Healing

(C) Dry and Cattle Judge – combining A and B.

Our plans for judges to be accredited with the American Ranch Horse Association have been put on hold until the ease of travel between AU and USA returns.

Express your interest by completing the following form

Interested persons that have no judging experience but aspire to be a judge, are encouraged to complete the form. Your application will be assessed on your showing experience.