Greatest Horseman Downunder Event

Where true horseman shine in what is known as the toughest event to compete in

Four Phases

Cutting | Reining | Working Cow Horse | Roping

Divisions: Greatest Horseman and Greatest Horsewoman

Kingsfield Stud, Sugarloaf, NSW


Four Phases: Cutting, Reining, Cow Horse Fence Work, Roping

Judges: TBA


  • Two divisions – Greatest Horseman Downunder and Greatest Horsewoman Downunder
  • Greatest Horseman Downunder nominations will close on 15th August 2021. Nomination is for one single rider and horse combination. A rider can enter several horses, each horse deemed an individual nomination. Horses can be changed up until 15th August 2021. No Rider changes accepted.
  • Nominations via Nominate. No entries will be accepted by other processes.

Early Bird Nominations:

  • Full payment is required to nominate for each horse/rider combination. Entries fees and timing:
  • Total entry Fee $500.
    • Late fees apply of $100 per missed timeline.
    • No entries will be accepted after 19th August 2021.

General rules

  • Horse/Rider combination must compete in all four events of the first go-round to be eligible for the finals. Horse/Rider combinations must compete in all four events in the finals to be eligible for placings.
  • Winner is highest aggregated score per division (Horseman/Horsewoman). Placings are based on scores in each class aggregated to a total score.
  • Two rounds – 1st Go-round one on TBA Finals (top 10 open and top 5 amateurs) on TBA commencing at approximately 5pm.
  • Horses must be four years and older as at 1st August 2020 to compete in Greatest Horseman Downunder
  • Roping is steer stopping Horseman and breakaway Horsewoman from the heelers side (Right). A roping or horn saddle must be used to complete the dally requirement of the class.
  • Riders must have competed in Working Cow Horse or Campdraft Events previously or events demonstrating experience in working livestock at a fast pace. ARH reserves the right to refuse entries of riders who cannot demonstrate sufficient experience in working cattle.
  • Scratchings – Vet Certificate and copy of treatment bill for horse required. A $200 admin fee applies for all scratchings from Greatest Horseman Event.
  • No logos or promotion of brands or sponsors on horses or riders is allowed.
  • Greatest Horseman is a feature event. Horses entered in Greatest Horseman are not eligible to shown in the Ranch Show classes being conducted on the same weekend.
  • You can only enter one division and compete on the same horse in all four phases. No rider changes allowed.
  • You can enter multiple horses.
  • Australian Ranch Horse reserves the right to cancel the event if insufficient entries are received and a full refund of entries will be provided to nominations.
  • Greatest Horseman Competitor/horse combination must be in the arena, saddled for the presentation of the winner, whether placing or not. Riders must present in show attire. Where a competitor/horse have left the property or do not arrive in the arena for the presentation, the reward will default to the next highest score.
  • Placegetters must be available for photos post the event.